Upload your Proof of Payment for  Tuition fees and Miscellaneous fees to Tams Service deck via this link https://servicedeck.feu.edu.ph/

*NO NEED TO UPLOAD your POPs if payments are made using:

1. Bank Bills Payment (OTC and ONLINE) facility:

- BPI (credited within the day)

- BDO (credited within 24-banking hours)

- MBTC (credited within 24-banking hours)

- SBC (credited within 24-banking hours)

- UB (credited within 24-banking hours)

2. Online Credit Card via

- TAMS ServiceDeck (credited within the day)

- EmailPay (bit.ly/3fctV2L) credited within 24-banking days

3. Bukas.ph Approved Loans (credited within 24-banking hours)

POPs for these categories will be declined in the Tamsdeck , to avoid double posting of payments.

Just monitor your SOA thru the Student Central for the posting of your payment.

Upload your Proof of Payment for OUR document request through online request hub  https://servicedeck.feu.edu.ph/dtsonline.php