FAQ - How do I register for my course code?

All enrolled students are given a trial access of two weeks from registration of their course codes. You must register the codes you purchase, in the prescribed platform to continue working on your course requirements online. The codes are sent to your OUTLOOK account after your payments are confirmed. NOTE : Once you register your account, with a code, it is considered USED. Only UNUNSED codes can be returned. Deadline for the return of ununsed codes is 30 days after the last day of class per semester. Once you receive your course codes from TAMS bookstore, click on the link provided to register.



FAQ - Problem with codes

To avoid registration failure, COPY and PASTE the link on your browser. Then COPY and PASTE the code on the registration box. If you are still having problems, click on this link to fill up the form

FEU TAMS Bookstore - Code Registration Problem Form